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As your Miami probate lawyer, Suero Law guides surviving family members and beneficiaries with the administration of a decedent's estate and the distribution of estate assets in accordance with Florida law and estate planning documents. 

The firm serves clients as their Florida estate & probate attorney to represent the personal representative of the estate (i.e. executor of the last will & testament) in standard (uncontested) probate administration proceedings and also assists trustees with administration and distribution of assets held by trust.

Services include:

  • Probate administration

  • Trust administration

  • summary administration

  • ancillary administration

  • determination of homestead status of real property

  • petition for sale of real property

  • reverse mortgage matters

  • determination of exempt property

  • determination of beneficiaries

  • creditor claims

  • notice of administration

  • proof of will

  • petition to admit lost will

  • recovery of unclaimed funds

  • personal representative deeds

  • foreign decedents & foreign beneficiaries

  • wrongful death proceeds

  • life insurance policy proceeds



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