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As your Entertainment Attorney, Suero Law works with creatives and entertainment professionals to execute a wide range of entertainment deals in the areas of Music, Film, Art, Books, Theater, and Sports. The firm assists clients with the drafting, review, and negotiation of contracts as well as the registration of intellectual property. Additionally, for talent who desire to capitalize on their fame, the firm also provides a wide range of services to support their pursuit of new opportunities including, independent label startups, joint ventures, endorsement deals, clothing lines, etc. At Suero Law, we understand that the talent is the brand, and like all brands, the investment of time and money into the brand is a valuable part of the business and must be protected.

Services include:

  • copyright registration & termination

  • independent label formation

  • recording agreements / 360 deals

  • publishing agreements / co-publishing agreements

  • publicity rights / release agreements

  • music producer agreements

  • distribution agreements

  • agency agreements (talent agent)

  • management contracts

  • booking agreements

  • touring / live performance contracts

  • synchronization (synch) & mechanical licenses

  • catalog deals

  • talent agreements (actor, model, screenwriter, composer, designer)

  • photography / video production agreements

  • event / venue agreements

  • book publishing contract

  • author agreements

  • ghostwriter agreements

  • theatre rental agreements

  • film production agreements

  • option agreements

  • software licensing

  • fine art purchases

  • consignment of artworks

  • advertising contracts

  • merchandising agreements

  • endorsement agreements

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